Grievance & Complaints Procedure

If the Seafarer has a grievance or complaint relating to our service or has any other question, the seafarer may raise the matter in writing in the following manner:

The seafarer should firstly refer the grievance to their IV Global Crewing Coordinator. The Coordinator will reply in writing as soon as possible after considering the grievance and in any event will do so within 11 working days.

If the grievance has not then been resolved or if the seafarer considers that he/she has not achieved their desired outcome, the seafarer may apply in writing to any IV Global Manager within one week of the Crewing Coordinator’s reply who will consider the matter, taking appropriate action, and will within 5 working days arrange phone call, video conference or meeting with the seafarer (depending on the circumstances and location) to consider the grievance. The manager will confirm the outcome of the meeting in writing to the seafarer.

In the event that the seafarer is still not satisfied with the outcome of the final decision and the complaint remains unresolved, IV Global will advise the seafarer to contact Maritime and Coastguard Agency Quality Assurance.

Ideally, onshore MLC complaints should be e-mailed to:

If the complainant has no access to e-mail then he/she may write to the following postal address:

ISM/ISO Policy Branch
Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Bay 2/20
Spring Place
105 Commercial Road
SO15 1EG

Such complaints may also be made to an MCA surveyor if he or she happens to be on-board the ship.

The time limits in the above timetable may be altered by mutual agreement.