Season 8 of the IV Global Photo Competition – Overall Results

Season 8 of the IV Global Photo Competition was the first season of 2015 – and what a way to kick off the year! The whole season from start to finish ran from 5th March to 9th April 2015, and we received 414 entries overall.

There were quite a few more Instagram entries this season than previously, which probably explains why we had 2 Instagram entries in the Top Ten (and one those entries made it to the Top Three!).

As usual, we had a wide range of entries sent in, including images of dolphins & drillships, headgear & helipads, platforms & portholes, flamingos & flares, sunsets & shipyards, cranes & cityscapes, turtles & tidal waves…the list goes on and on!

After this it was time to choose the Top Ten finalists. First we narrowed the 414 entries down to 40 and split the images into two groups. We split everyone at Head Office into two groups and sent out the photos so people could vote for their favourite. We then took the 5 most popular from each set of photos and our Top Ten was decided!

Season 8’s Top Ten finalists were:

Picture 1: Taken by Alexander Dimitrov of the Arumbank wind farm off the coast of Germany

Picture 2: Taken by Chris Petersen of the Medusa Spa platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Picture 3: Taken by Ben Tullett of a sunset in the South Atlantic Ocean

Picture 4: Taken by Christopher Sadowski of this offshore platform in the Baltic Sea

Picture 5: Taken by Derek Cook of the Kizomba A FSPO vessel and a platform at sunset

Picture 6: Taken by Julian Bilchik of these flamingos feeding by these vessels docked at Walvis Bay, Namibia

Picture 7: Taken by Matt Burton of this sunrise in Al Hamriyah, United Arab Emirates

Picture 8: Taken by Serge Prakhov of the Goliat platform off the coast of South Korea

Picture 9: Taken by Jessica Johnson of the Highland Defender vessel at sunset

Picture 10: Taken by Yevhen Kornya of this underwater welder at work in dark waters

Then it was time to choose the Top Three finalists, so we put it to you to choose your favourites and over 300 of you got involved! The next stage was to decide the winner, so we put it to you again and here are the results…

In 3rd place, a stunning photo of a jack-up platform in the Baltic Sea, taken by Christopher Sadowski. It seems like this photo was taken at sunset, but it is mysteriously misty…

In 2nd place, a very colourful entry sent in by Ben Tullett of a sunset in the South Atlantic Ocean – one of the many Instagram entries that did so well this season!

And finally, the winner of Season 8 of the IV Global Photo Competition is Julian Bilchik, with his photo of flamingos feeding by vessels docked in Walvis Bay, Namibia! Congratulations Julian, you will be receiving a Liquid Image Ego video camera, complete with waterproof casing and a 32GB micro SD card – ready to go!

Thank you to everyone who entered, voted or shared any of our posts about this, we really appreciate your participation & support and we will see you all later this year for Season 9!